How To Win The Mega Jackpot Bonuses At Least Twice A Month

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How To Win The Mega Jackpot Bonuses At Least Twice A Month

Hundreds of Kenyans play the MEGA Jackpot every week and only less than 0.01% of them get to win Jackpot bonuses. Heck, some people have been playing the Jackpot faithfully for more than 2 years and have won zero bonuses. Here is the answer to the question: How To Win The Mega Jackpot Bonuses

Not Us! We manage to win at least 2 Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Bonuses at least twice a month. Sometimes we win Once and on other times we win 3 times per month.

From our experience, there are only 7 ways you can follow to win Jackpot Bonus

  1. Do Your Research Well: Guesses never work unless Luck follows you around
  2. Some teams and leagues always appear in the Jackpot. Follow these leagues keenly over some two or three weeks to know and understand them
  3. Trust your Gut feeling
  4. Consider Dropping Odds and Predictions from other Prediction sites such as Forebet, Whoscored, Predictz among others
  5. Expect the unexpected, as anything can and will happen.
  6. Games on the Jackpot are usually decided on small margins

That’s It and that’s How we Manage to Win Mega Jackpot Bonuses at least twice a month!

We have followed the leagues faithfully and know how they behave. If interested in our predictions, read below!


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