How To Win Mega Jackpot Bonuses

How To Win Mega Jackpot Bonuses At Least Twice A Month

Hundreds of Kenyans play the MEGA Jackpot every week and only less than 0.01% of them get to win Jackpot bonuses. Heck, some people have been playing the Jackpot faithfully for more than 2 years and have won zero bonuses. Here is the answer to the question: How To Win The Mega Jackpot Bonuses

Not Us! We manage to win at least 2 Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Bonuses at least twice a month. Sometimes we win Once and on other times we win 3 times per month.

From our experience, These are the Major facts to follow to win Jackpot Bonus

  1. Do Your Research Well: Guesses never work unless Luck follows you around
  2. Some teams and leagues always appear in the Jackpot. Follow these leagues keenly over some two or three weeks to know and understand them
  3. Trust your Gut feeling
  4. Expect the unexpected, as anything can and will happen.
  5. Games on the Jackpot are usually decided on small margins
  6. BEST TEAM DOES NOT ALWAYS WIN Jackpot games are not always won by the team that appears to be the best-football is highly unpredictable and this unpredictability is what makes Sportpesa choose those games and not others.
  7. TEAM QUALITYThe strength of a team is the cardinal determinant of the outcome of a game. It is easy to predict when a top team in a league is playing against the worst team. But with Jackpot games, the teams are usually evenly matched in terms of strength, and hence, not as straightforward.TEAM QUALITYThe strength of a team is the cardinal determinant of the outcome of a game. It is easy to predict when a top team in a league is playing against the worst team. But with Jackpot games, the teams are usually evenly matched in terms of strength, and hence, not as straightforward.

    The relative strength of the two teams is key when it comes to making an accurate prediction. However, for two evenly matched teams, this decision is usually subjective.

    In determining the quality of a team, several factors should be considered:

    • Individual player Quality: Better players make better teams. Look for extraordinary players in each team that can make a difference. How good or bad are each team’s offensive or defensive players? Does any team have good offensive players but awful defensive players?
    • The depth and Team Balance: A couple of superstars in a team with other average players is a weak team. Compare such a team with one that has no superstars but has quality players in all departments. Depth is vital when a key player is injured? Does one of the teams suffer when a key player is out?
    • Team unity and Chemistry: A team of superstars can lose terribly if they don’t work well together
    • Playing style: You would want to know how players fit into a particular team’s playing style. Paul Pogba from Manchester United is a superstar, but Man United’s playing style does not always favor him. Liverpool’s playing style, on the other hand, has made Salah a superstar because he fits into that style
    • Consistency: Look whether a team is able to play at the top of their strengths from game to game. Are they Bottlers?


    The outcome of a football game is not always dependent on the quality of respective teams, otherwise, the stronger team would always win and there would be no betting. There are a host of other factors that we cannot exhaust. We are however going to look at the most important ones.

    • Venue: Home and Away Form Home advantage is a very crucial factor in determining the outcome of a game as a team playing at home has an advantage over the away team. However, bookmarkers such as Sportpesa are aware of this and hence they factor this in their odds.
    • Schedules Its not only about the strength or quality of the opposition but also about the timing of those games and the order in which the games come.
    • Also, consider the effects of traveling: A team’s opponent could also be from playing an away match where they had to cover many many miles. For instance, teams playing in away Europa league matches tend to perform poorly in their next domestic fixtures
    • Recent Form Winning is addictive! If a team is playing well and winning, the players get confident and confidence in any sport is always good. It makes average players be world-class beaters. The opposite is true, the probability of a team that has been losing to lose again is very high, regardless of the quality of players they have on their roster.
    • Motivation And PSYCHOLOGY This is vital especially when leagues are coming to an end. A team fighting off relegation will be more motivated than a team already safe from relegation. The same is true for teams looking to qualify for continental football playing against each other-both would want to win The same is true for teams fighting for the championship-they would have higher motivation to win Derby games are also usually hard to call because there is no way of telling how the teams will turn up. The Manchester Derby between Manchester United and Manchester City; Arsenal vs Tottenham; AC Milan vs Inter Milan; Everton vs Liverpool; Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid and many others. There is really no way of telling who will win these games
    • Injuries and Suspensions Of course, this is an obvious thing but we felt we should mention it anyway. A team with several key players missing is likely to suffer on the field. Be careful while looking at the impact of these players on the team’s performance. Just looking at the numbers is not enough. Some of the key questions are: How many players are missing? What’s their level of importance to the team? Who and how good are their replacements?


    • Dropping Odds Analysis

    This is usually speculative and there is no way to justify considering it. Odds drop for many reasons but one of the reasons is when many backers bet on that specific market. If a lot of people bet on a home win, the bookmaker will most likely lower his odds. Back such teams to win, but of course while also considering other factors discussed above.

    • Predictions from other Sites

    There are many and well-known prediction websites on the interweb. Check them out regularly-they might give you a hint as to which team will win


    • Not everyone has the time and resources to do all the above analysis, but we do
    • Every week, we do a detailed analysis of all Jackpot games
    • We consider all of the above points among many others
    • We come up with a combination with just 1 or 2 Double Chances
    • Our Combination wins a Bonus twice a month on the minimum
    • To get this combination, REGISTER HERE and it will be sent to you via SMS

    • To benefit from the subscription, ensure you subscribe for a Month


    Free Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Predictions

That’s It and that’s How we Manage to Win Mega Jackpot Bonuses at least twice a month!

We have followed the leagues faithfully and know how they behave. If interested in our predictions, read below!


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