The movements of odds in sports betting play a big role when deciding which side you are wagering on.

Odds are usually released around a week before the match is due to start and are based on all the information that is currently available to the bookies.

Bookies calculate their opening odds based on the information in hand by considering some of the following facts;

  1. Home Advantage
  2. Current Form
  3. H2H records of the two sides involved
  4. Team News


At times, they might play their own ‘mind games’ by altering the odds sets. This causes a significant impact, with fewer people betting on that particular side.

Odds movement can be a valuable tool when used in the right way.

Understanding why the odds might have changed on a sporting event is a hard-earned skill, but modern-day social media and access to information have made things easier. You can always get ahead of the bookies by accessing team news, bust-ups, and information about missing players from training grounds.

Downward odds movement can be a sign that the difference in strength between the teams has changed.

If odds change for no apparent reason, you should seriously consider backing the team whose odds are now more profitable according to your estimation.

When analyzing the odds changes, the key is to try and understand why the odds are moving and not simply watch them as they drop.

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