Free Mega Jackpot Predictions 17 Games This Weekend: 19th January 2019





Free Mega Jackpot Predictions 17 Games This Weekend: 15th December 2018

Last Mega Jackpot, 3 of the 17 games were unfortunately postponed which led to the cancellation of the whole Mega Jackpot. Despite that, our Free Mega Jackpot Predictions for the 17 games this weekend did manage to get 10/14 games correct. The three post-poned games were from France Ligue 1. This week, 15 of the 17 games are from England meaning the chances of the games getting postponed are next to zero. We have taken the liberty to analyze and deeply discuss all the 17 games taking note of each team’s recent performances, position in respective tables, how other sites think each game will end, and the previous meetings between sides in each game. We will be closely monitoring the movement in odds in order to come up with the most accurate prediction for each game. What this means is that the final pick of the Free Mega Jackpot Predictions as given below is likely to change before 15th at 6pm. Keep checking here to stay updated.

Here then are all the predictions and analysis for the 17 Games

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