Free Midweek Jackpot Predictions This week: 16th November 2018

Yet another week that we get to offer you our free midweek jackpot predictions for all the 13 midweek jackpot games for this week. Being the international break, the Jackpot this week is on a Friday, rather than the Tuesday we are all used to. The Midweek Jackpot for this week stands at 11,898,123. The last jackpot was very hard and no one managed to get 12/13 games correct. The Jackpot for 11/13 was 470K and for 10/13, 68K. Every week, we offer our detailed predictions for the midweek jackpot and this week is no different.

The predictions for this week’s Midweek Jackpot will be ready by close of business on Wednesday 14th November. They are currently being analyzed. We have had some luck in the last couple of weeks and we are hoping that this week will be no different. Also remember to add your intuition while placing the final slip. We shall keep you posted.

Here are the games for this week’s sportpesa midweek jackpot. CLICK ON EACH GAME TO VIEW THE PREDICTION

Keep checking here for the updated version of this post including our Free Midweek Jackpot Predictions for all 13 games

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