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The question “How to Win the Sportpesa Jackpot” has been asked many times, and the answer is always the same-research well and trust your Gut

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In this article, we will show you how to win bonuses. We have been using these same strategies to win bonuses at least twice a mont

FIRST THINGS FIRST, lets agree that predicting the Jackpot is usually very hard given that most teams on the Sportpesa Jackpot are usually evenly matched!


  • The best team on paper does not always win
  • League positions matters little with the Jackpot
  • Expect the unexpected, as anything can and will happen.
  • Games on the Jackpot are usually decided on small margins
  • Invest in what your Gut tells you

We have been analyzing and predicting the Jackpot games-Both Midweek and Mega- and the following advice is from experiences that we have gathered along the way


Jackpot games are not always won by the team that appears to be the best-football is highly unpredictable and this unpredictability is what makes Sportpesa choose those games and not others. However, this unpredictability presents the best chance for you to win a Bonus. This is where the 4th point comes in. Jackpot games are won on the smallest of margins- a small margin that seems insignificant to you can be the difference between a team winning or losing or drawing.

This is the main reason why you have to consider a myriad of factors while placing these games. Placing the Sportpesa Jackpot without much thought means you will only lose your KES 100 bob. However, with proper analysis and consideration of relevant factors, you can accurately predict how the games will end.

Of course, you can never completely eliminate the element of surprise in the Sportpesa Jackpot but you can reduce it, and that’s ultimately how you are going to win a bonus.

As indicated above, there are many many factors to consider but we are going to broadly classify them into two

  1. Quality of the teams
  2. Circumstances of the game and teams in question
  3. Others


The strength of a team is the cardinal determinant of the outcome of a game. It is easy to predict when a top team in a league is playing against the worst team. But with Jackpot games, the teams are usually evenly matched in terms of strength, and hence, not as straightforward.

The relative strength of the two teams is key when it comes to making an accurate prediction. However, for two evenly matched teams, this decision is usually subjective.

In determining the quality of a team, several factors should be considered:

  • Individual player Quality: Better players make better teams. Look for extra ordinary players in each team that can make a difference. How good or bad are each team’s offensive or defensive players? Does any team have good offensive players but awful defensive players?
  • Depth and Team Balance: A couple of superstars in a team with other average players is a weak team. Compare such a team with one that has no superstars but has quality players in all departments. Depth is vital when a key player is injured? Does one of the teams suffer when a key player is out?
  • Team unity and Chemistry: A team of superstars can lose terribly if they don’t work well together
    Coaching Staff: A team is as good as its coach-he is the one who selects the starting 11. He is the team leader on and off the field and ensures the team is always fit and motivated. There are coaches who train their teams on how not to lose. An example would be Jose Mourinho  or Tony Pulis . Another example is Burnley’s Sean Dyche. Other coaches such as Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp train their teams to score first; always believing they can outscore the opponent.
  • Playing style: You would want to know how players fit into a particular team’s playing style. Paul Pogba from Manchester United is a superstar, but Man United’s playing style does not always favor him. Liverpool’s playing style, on the other hand, has made Salah a superstar because he fits into that style
  • Consistency: Look whether a team is able to play at the top of their strengths from game to game. Are they Bottlers?



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The outcome of a football game is not always dependent on the quality of respective teams, otherwise the stronger team would always win and there would be no betting. There are a host of other factors that we cannot exhaust. We are however going to look at the most important ones.

  • Venue: Home and Away Form

Home advantage is a very crucial factor in determining the outcome of a game as a team playing at home has an advantage over the away team. However, bookmarkers such as Sportpesa are aware of this and hence they factor this in their odds.

The home team is usually made the favorite by the Bookmarkers when two evenly matched teams are playing each other

However, there are instances where a team that is poor at home plays a team very strong away from home. Some other teams, such as Arsenal this season, were very strong at home and very poor away from home.
In summary, always consider the home and away records of teams placed in the Sportpesa Jackpot and factor it into your thinking

  • Schedules

Its not only about the strength or quality of the opposition, but also about the timing of those games and the order in which the games come.
A team can face their toughest oppositions 4 games in a row and end up losing all of them-their form would have many people believe they are going to lose a fifth time-but the quality and order of facing these teams caused their poor form. Another team might face poor teams four times in a row, win 4 times and of course they would be on top of form tables

Also consider the effects of travelling: A team’s opponent could also be from playing an away match where they had to cover many many miles. For instance, teams playing in away Europa league matches tend to perform poorly in their next domestic fixtures

  • Recent Form

Winning is addictive! If a team is playing well and winning, the players get confident and confidence in any sport is always good. It makes average players be world-class beaters. The opposite is true, the probability of a team that has been losing to lose again is very high, regardless of the quality of players they have on their roster.

However, this cannot be considered in isolation. The winning streak can be because the team was playing against weak opposition in those games or a losing streak can be because the team faced tough opposition in a row. In such cases, looking at the margin of loss or how the team played in those games is important

Studying recent form should be at the back of your mind. However, no winning streak lasts forever and no losing streak lasts forever

  • Motivation And PSYCHOLOGY

This is vital especially when leagues are coming to an end. A team fighting off relegation will be more motivated than a team already safe from relegation. The same is true for teams looking to qualify for continental football playing against each other-both would want to win The same is true for teams fighting for the championship-they would have higher motivation to win

Derby games are also usually hard to call because there is no way of telling how the teams will turn up. The Manchester Derby between Manchester United and Manchester City; Arsenal vs Tottenham; AC Milan vs Inter Milan; Everton vs Liverpool; Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid and many others. There is really no way of telling who will win these games

  • Injuries and Suspensions

Of course, this is an obvious thing but we felt we should mention it anyway. A team with several key players missing is likely to suffer on the field. Be careful while looking at the impact of these players on the team’s performance. Just looking at the numbers is not enough. Some of the key questions are: How many players are missing? What’s their level of importance to the team? Who and how good are their replacements?

This is where teams with depth benefit. Thin teams will always find it hard to cope with injuries and suspensions



  • Dropping Odds Analysis

This is usually speculative and there is no way to justify considering it. Odds drop for many reasons but one of the reasons is when many backers bet on that specific market. If a lot of people bet on a home win, the bookmarker will most likely lower his odds. Back such teams to win, but of course while also considering other factors discussed above.


From this article, you should have noticed there are many factors to consider while placing your Jackpot bet. Key to note is that you will never even smell a bonus if you rely on guesswork, you need to put a shift in. Consider at least 5 factors-factoring even 2 or 3 will not lead you to making an accurate prediction

Answer the following key questions while deciding the outcome of each game

  • Which team has the better quality-good on paper?
  • How do their playing styles compare?
  • Do current circumstances favor any of the teams?
  • Have there been any significant movement in odds?

Everything discussed in this article will enable you to answer the above questions with a high-level accuracy. You need to figure out how to assess and interpret the above factors to each game and then apply that knowledge to your predictions.

There are of course times when results will go the other way despite your analysis-that is still right-You can never get it right always. It’s unrealistic given the unpredictability of football. For instance, you cannot predict a key player getting injured or shown a redcard in the 5th minute or a team on a losing streak suddenly decideing to stop and wins

All in all, make Jackpot decisions based on some solid reasoning. Learn how to do this efficiently and effectively and getting Sportpesa Jackpot Bonuses will be very easy for you.


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